Bill 168
Workplace Violence
and Harassment

Bill 168

On June 15, 2010, Bill 168, which amended the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to deal with workplace violence and harassment, came into force.

Now, the law requires every workplace in Ontario with more than 5 employees to
  • develop written policies on dealing with both violence and harassment in the workplace
  • develop programs to implement these policies
  • review those policies at least once a year, and
  • conduct training on these policies
Are you meeting your due diligence under the law?

Have you developed your policies and rolled out the necessary training?

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David Griffin delivered Bill 168 presentations to our Executive and then held a 3 hour workshop with our managers. His presentations were excellent. The feedback from ET and staff was very positive. Content was great - but it was his delivery that made the difference. He is very knowledgeable, speaks with conviction and addressed the subject matter in a very thoughtful and authentic manner,engaging staff in discussion that really helped to deepen their learning.

He is also very professional, considerate in understanding his audience and inclusive in ensuring that the workshops met our company expectations and legislative requirements. David was a real pleasure to work with. I will definitely be in contact should there be any further opportunities to engage his services.

Sharon Jobity, CHRP
Director, Human Resources
Ontario Centres of Excellence Inc.

Bill 168 is here.
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Leanne E. Standryk
Labour and Employment Law
Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP
St. Catharines, Ontario

Bill 168 requires employers to develop programs to implement their policies on workplace violence and harassment.

The workplace violence program must include measures and procedures to:
  • Assess and control the risk of workplace violence.
  • Summon immediate assistance when workplace violence takes place or is likely to take place-or when a threat of violence is made.
  • Enable workers to report incidents of threats of workplace violence to the employer, and determine how the employer would investigate and address incidents, complaints or threats of workplace violence.
As well, employers are required to take reasonable precautions to protect workers from domestic violence that may occur in the workplace.

Bill 168 also requires employers to educate workers about the policy and program, and inform a worker about any risk of workplace violence from a person with a history of violent behaviour if it is likely the worker would come into contact with that person in the workplace.

Existing offences and penalties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) would apply.

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HR Proactive has bundled their Bill 168 & AODA video DVD kit(s) so that you can train New Hires with ease and confidence. There are quizzes built into the DVD after each module to ensure your employees understand the concepts related to harassment & violence in the workplace and serving people with disabilities.

Bill 168 & AODA video DVD Kit(s) contain:
  • Two 15-minute video/DVD's
  • Easy to use leader's guide
  • Reproducible participant's guide
  • Glossary & further references
  • Reproducible scheduling & attendance form
  • Employee quiz
  • Training certificate
Everything needed to deliver
a professional training workshop!

The workplace harassment program must include measures and procedures to:
  • Enable workers to report incidents.
  • Determine how the employer would investigate and address incidents and complaints of workplace harassment.
Employers must also educate workers about the harassment policy and program.

OHSA provides a worker the right to refuse unsafe work; Bill 168 extends that right. Workers may now refuse work if they have reason to believe they may be victims of workplace violence. However, workers do not have the right to refuse work because of workplace harassment. These incidents are to be handled internally, with no involvement by the MOL.

Let HR Proactive customize your Bill 168 Video DVD

Client testimonial:
"You have been incredibly accommodating in working with us to create a quality customized training video that suited our needs and budget. You are truly dedicated to meeting the needs of your customers and for that we thank you wholeheartedly. We look forward to working with HR Proactive again in the future."
Jackie Long, Director, Human Resource Services, City of Oshawa
Ontario, Canada

HR Proactive in the News
Bill 168 puts violence, harassment on OHS training agenda - an article in the Canadian Occupational Safety magazine.

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